Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Welcome to the Photo Pod blog !

I'm Peter Thorpe a photographer based in Bristol UK.
Recently I built a photo booth to shoot a large number of corporate portraits.
The job was very successful and as I regularly get asked to take portraits, I developed this a little further...

....and now within my studio, I have built 'The Photo Pod', a high end portrait studio in a retro photo booth! Thanks to Danny Jenkins at Thirteen for the graphics.

Designed around a flattering lighting set up, it incorporates a wind machine and a monitor so that you can see the shots as I take them.
The sessions are lively, fast paced and interactive.The confined space of the booth adds a fun element.
Even the most reluctant of models quickly relax and enjoy the shoot, resulting in great looking natural portraits.

The Photo Pod

My Studio

My son Callum was very patient while I was doing lighting tests for the Photo Pod.
As he had helped out building it,naturally he became on of my first subjects.
We were both very pleased with this portrait...


.....and these too,that I did shortly after of his brother Toby.


Interesting to get the viewpoint from another photographer.
Charlie Emerson is usually the behind the camera,so satisfying for me that He,Ursula and Yma, enjoyed the shoot, as well as being very happy with these photos too !

Charlie Ursula + Yma

Brothers WiIl + Tom wanted a portrait as a surprise gift for their mum.
We covered off some straight shots too but this Gilbert and George deadpan style image was the one chosen for printing.

Will + Tom

At the end of the photo session,these mug shots have been very popular !



The booth is 4ft wide and I can dismantle the back section to make wider but squeezing everyone in,adds to the fun when photographing larger groups.

Norton Family

Suff + Boys